Friday, August 29, 2008

Nike Dunk Creator

Anyone of you out there ever dream of becoming the next Bruce Kilgore; Nike Air Force 1 creator, in this case, Nike Dunk, can checkout this cool Nike Dunk Creator. Lotsa rare and unique design of Dunk you can check out here. Enjoy and BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL. Yeah Right!huhu

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (KeADILan): 31,195 undi
Hanafi Mamat (AKIM): 92 undi
Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah (BN): 15,524 undi

Jumlah mengundi: 47,258
Peratus keluar mengundi: 81 peratus
Undi rosak: 447 undi
Majoriti: 15,671 undi

Penyandang: Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail (KeADILan)
Undi diperolehi 8 Mac 2008: 30,348
Majoriti: 13,398 undi

Congratz Datuk Seri Anwar~ Rakyat have spoken. Hope you won't let them down in the future

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday & SBE

16th May is Hari Guru and also my father's birthday. He grows old and become a teacher and now a lecturer. I think he decided to become a teacher when he matured enough to understand the 'fact' that he was born in Hari Guru.hehe. And of course he like the job too

But me, I can't hardly recall when there is any moment in my life i ever confess that i would like to become a teacher one day when i grow up. I always wanted to become a lawyer. My family knew it very well. Even my Mama, also a teacher turn lecturer, ok with me wanted to become a lawyer. She know im loyar buruk actually.haha. But ever since i was 6 or 7, the whole of my family know that i can 'crap' and would like to become a lawyer. Until the day of me filling Uitm form and when Uitm granted me to do Pre-Law, they know that i will crap more and become a lawyer.

But suddenly, as a result of MAMA WANTED to 'TRY' FILLING an E-FORM ONLINE on MAKTAB WEBSITE, i succesfully manage to be at IPBA. And i would like to highlight the fact that she suddenly change her mind of me to go to Uitm to IPBA. She encourage me like she never did before and i don't know why.

Now i'm in the 1st year of Bed TESL and i think i have also come to the period where my father reached when he matured enough to understand how the whole things worked. Last year, during my 19th birthday, i was at IPIK for ENGLISH CAMP. And this year, my 20th birthday, i was at SMK TAMAN SEA, in class 1D or 1C in their ENGLISH PERIOD. Now i understand the whole process. I now have to admit that i meant to be a teacher. Born in teacher family explain everything. I should have known it early from beginning. But i suppose where is the fun then if i knew it all from the early.

SMK TMN SEA : Model bukan guru mahupon student di situ~

1st gift from MY STUDENTS

Thanks acap zain

thanks Rachel of 2 Angsana

Monday, August 11, 2008

My most favourite football kit~

Personally, the best football kit ever in this entire globe!. There is no any other kit can match this Away Italian Kit, even my favourite Everton Home kid couldn't do. This 'lucky' Italian shirt was first publicize during Italia last Euro Qualifying game, away to Scotland where Cristian Panucci score the only goal to catapult Azzuri to the 'frustrated' EURO2008. Brilliant work of art by Puma and i love it. Forza Azurri~

Everton New Away Kit

The best Everton away jersey i ever witness. I already plan to buy this brilliant kit and this will cost me and every Evertonian in this planet GBP 35. Murah kot. Huhu. Convert to RM would be RM221 cmtu la. Huhu. Not much of a problem to me actually. Because the best thing of having a girlfriend leaving Malaysia for France is, to buy you an Everton new superb away kit fresh from Merseyside!!FOR FREE.haha. Love u bb~

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Magico Milan!

Favourite kit after Everton home kit. Huhu. Famous 22 kit of Kaka. They have special edition home kit where they wore during the World Club Cup. Magico Milan~

Football Kits/Jersey..

This lately i have become more n more obsess with football kit and i don't know why~The football shirt culture they said. As i figure it out, one of the contribution factor to the obsession are due to the fact that i want to promote malaysian football scene that have everyone's view as 'tenat' 'dead' 'x berkembang' and so forth. To hell they'll go. To me, Malaysian Football scene is just past through its transformational period. From traditional way of supporting to the modern way; that more happening and 'live'

Malaysian now are more expose to the term 'ULTRAS', 'TIFO', 'CAPO' that have been with european football supporter for almost more than a decade. And it is a good sign, positive sign that i think malaysian looking at their own football scene the positive way.

Friendly match this lately of Harimau Malaya against Mighty Chelski, what an interesting game. Personally, i think Msia played to their best performance this last 2 years. I'm really 'shocked' to see Hardi Jaafar skilled past DECO and past the ball almost 40 yards to Amirul Hadi and panic Petr Chech for a momment. Brilliant. 'Unfortunately' Harimau Malaya lost 2-0. But i'm really proud of their performance. I just keep on hoping and praying they will keep on improving

Good news to Malaysian Football fans last week was the latest FIFA ranking. Msia move up 4 SPOT FROM 166 TO 162! 4 spot from an away game against india; the only friendly game we played before FIFA update their ranking. FAM should look this thing very serious. A friendly game is the ONLY way to move up our ranking. Just can't wait for AFF Suzuki Cup this October. Hope we can win this and get our best ranking~ SUPPORT OUR LOCAL FOOTBALL SCENE~

Do u have your local football team original jersey?

Check out this super web site. One of a kind in Malaysia. You guys can order your team home+away kit here. And its original kit. Support our local football team~