Monday, September 22, 2008

Milan 4 Lazio 1

"We are happy because the team played a nice match, we showed we are a group and this was the first step in the league. A match that has to be an example for all the others. I always try score, if I don't see a team mate in a good position I go for the shot... and today it went well. It's an important moment, you can see the team is compact; we are a close group and this helps us to win, and brings us even more satisfaction. Also Zambrotta's goal came thanks to a great shot. The team is showing what sometimes other teams show against us. Slowly but surely I am finding my best condition. The more I play the better I feel. I have played three matches consecutively and this makes me very happy."

Kaka explains everything! We got back our winning touches and the momentum to push us up in future. FORZA MAGICO MILAN!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Take a good care of yaself ova there~

Beliau sudah tiba di France dgn jayanya untuk meneruskan impian dan cita- cita beliau dan meninggalkan sayer seorunk diri di bumi Malaysia yg bertuah ini. Tahniah dan semoga berjaya di saner. 3 days and I already mishin u like hell here. Good Luck love~

p/s This post/message was delayed for 3 days due to the f*ckingness of IPBA's internet connection. Thank you