Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Run DC!

Inspired by the famous design of RUN DMC, Black Klown Clothing now run the limited edition release of their RUN DC shirt to pay their homage to Barrack Obama's Presidency. Also available in black. Checkout their online store for more details. Online store. Last word from me to the Mr President, "Run DC like no one else did before~All the best!"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Becks scores his first goal for Milan!

Becks scored his first ever goal for AC Milan today when they beat helpless Bologna 4-1. The match saw, Kaka, the man of the match scored 2 goals while Seedorf scored the first goal. Great form from Milan and Beckham. Glad to see Becks and Kaka combine their play together very well. Let's win the scudetto! And buy Becks permanently from LA Galaxy~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tim Cahill is my Hero!!!

In that poster which I grabbed from evertonfc.com, I thought it is a unique kind of poster. It’s a tale of two legend. Not just any normal ordinary legend. It’s an all time EVERTON FC legend. I might be unlucky to live in this era as I can't witness the phenomenal Dixie Dean in action with my own eyes. Or watch him play in my telly. But now, I know that I am as lucky as other senior EVERTON FC fans back in the glory days. I have the once in a life time chance to enjoy double Merseyside Derby in a week. Even better, I am witnessing the emergence of another Toffees legend, TIM CAHILL!

Last Monday, 19th January 2009, marked the new chapter of Everton FC history, when Tim Cahill scored his 3rd goal at Analfield on derby day. Made him the only Everton's player to equal the great Dixie Dean's tally. I am most impressed with Cahill, as quoted, that he was chasing shadows all night, often knowing that he wasn't going to get the ball, but he wanted to chase anyway, because he felt that sort of attitude was infectious and would rub off on the players around him. What an attitude! True class! So I like to wish my hero Timmy Cahill all the best for tomorrow’s clash. Hope u can break Dixie Dean record by score another goal against those Red Cunts and continue to ruins their season!COYB!

Friday, January 23, 2009


18 of February is the date. About a month from now i will be leaving Malaysia for NZ. Shoot. I didn't noticed about that at all till the day Shidey and Paang bought their cargo luggage. About 2 days ago. They made me to think of, in a period of one month, I should be having have all the shot in the world to savour and enjoy everything i do here in Malaysia. One of them is without a doubt, things related to Malaysian football. Tomorrow I will be at Kuala Lumpur FA Stadium to catch Malaysia in action against UAE in the Asia Cup Qualifying game at 8.45pm. Those who love Malaysian football, please show up and join us, to fight and stand our ground! (Perghh UK Habes!)

To make that game far more fun than to enjoy a packet of KUACI all through the game, ULTRAS MALAYA, this time around will come out with our very own D-R-U-M. Spell it right. DRUMSSS. Haha. There u go, ULTRAS spirit. Come together with the drumsss, of course, our very own, unique tunes, chants and song, that i believe will create an unbelievable atmosphere at the KLFA Stadium and even to the Malaysia Football scene also. Not to forget, FLARES courtesy of Precinters Ultras aka Apit. God Bless u lad!. I just dont care if that UAE game turn out to be not on our side as long as I have fun at the terrace, cheers and support my beloved Harimau Malaya. In fact, this game will be the last game of us, 'the flying ultras of Beach Street Ultras' to show our support and love together with many other ULTRAS MALAYA before we leave Malaysia at the end of next month. Emotional~... Gozal as the rep of the ULTRAS MALAYA even planning to have a kind of Testimonial Football Match to 'celebrate' our departure. What a proper farewell. Terharu dan sedey btul ni..

Sad to learned the fact that i will missed the progression of Malaysian Football scene for the upcoming 2 years. I'll missed everything, MSL, National Squad, Wisma FAM and even my favourite club after EVERTON FC, Perlis FA. To mark my official absenty from Malaysian Football scene (Harhar!), I demanded an away win to Selangor!Checkout that poster~

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Haere Mai. Welcome to HUIA!

H-U-I-A. [huiɑ]. Terletak di kawasan suburb Auckland dan sebahagian daripada Waitakere City Council. Waitakere mmg amat terkenal bg aku sbb Waitakere United yg da tahun kedua menyertai FIFA World Club Cup mmg agak menonjol. Sbb namer smart.Huhu. Namun dedua tahun main,x jgak menang. Not bad try again. This lately, ak da mcm wat assignment plak pasal Auckland. Padahal ak wat assignment pon x mcm ni. Overnite 1 malam pon da siap. Tp utk yang ni, tidak samer skali. Ak akhir2 ni banyak menghabiskan masa dgn membaca bnyak infos psal auckland, huia, mahupon waitakere. Ni sebenarnya, balance mser yg digunakan bukan utk HMC mahupon ULTRAS MALAYA.huhu

Citer psal HUIA, huia ni dahulu nye dikenali sbg Te Huia, bersempena dgn Otai Maori yang bernama Te Huia. Mesti la kan,tak kan Beckham plak. Aduyai. So, omputih2 English menterjemahkan nama tempat ni sbg The Huia jer dulu2. Tp lpas2 2, sbb malas nk sebut THE HUIA, dorunk panggil HUIA la, smpai la ke hari ak smpai sana nnt. Hehe. Lg, burung warna hitam kt dlm gmbar yg signboard Welcome to HUIA 2, adalah burung yg sudah pupus yg kali terakhir di temui 28 December 1907, burung HUIA. Burung HUIA ni dianggap Tapu (Sacred) dan mendapat tempat yg agak istimewa bg org Maori. Special mcm maner?Ha ni yg kita x tahu~

Oh yer, lupa nk bagitau plak yg Cohort 5 IPBA akn berumah di HUIA ni la. Huhu. Huia Residence namer tmpat nye. Dkat laut menurut Fikri Fayi Uni mate merangkap Roomate di IPBA. Erm dari aper yg ak baca, sbnanye x bnyak sgt pon citer psal HUIA ni, balek2 citer wine jgak la yg famous. Sounds boring do sbnanye HUIA ni. X taula labu..Yg ak bacer yg agak happening pon Waitakere la. Ader jgak la mende2 yg agak menarik bg ak. Tp next time la citer Waitakere 2. Ish bunyi ckp nk citer ni mcm da gi jer. Ish2. Nnt smpai la ni. Insyallah~